Best Positions For Confined Spaces

There are time when a quickie is absolutely required – but the space to have one in is as small as it can get. So how do you make the most out of your confined space when it comes to making love on the go? Can you really have worthwhile sex in a car? Is the mile high club even feasible?  How do you have sex in a fitting room without getting caught? Here are some tips and tricks to getting in on in the most confined spaces!

Car: With the standard two door car, you may think that heading to the back seat is your best option. While this may be the standard in movies, you will actually have more room if you take up temporary residence on the passenger side seat. Lean the seat back as far as it will go, and push it back so you have as much space between the seat and the dashboard as you can get. Once you’ve got this set up, and depending on the amount of head-space you have, it’s much easier to go missionary, girl-on-top, or even doggy style in this setup. One tip – if you’ve got leather seats, put down a towel or blankets first to keep the sweaty butts off your expensive seats!

Elevator: So you’ve pressed the stop button, and now you’re “waiting” to be rescued. You won’t have much time between the elevator restarting its descent and when the doors are flung open so we suggest using a position that’s quick to “recover” from rather than taking advantage of a more spacious ride. Sex standing, pressed up against the wall can be both kinky and super sexy – especially if she has a skirt on and just removes her underwear for the event. If you’re not a complete exhibitionist, though, remember a lot of metropolitan elevators tend to have cameras that are watched by security guards. Looking for a slower and safer ride? Try a freight elevator – the older, the better!

Changing Room: In this setting, you’ve got to get creative and make it look as if there’s only one of you in there. We’re a big fan of using what is available, so we suggest the ladies hop up onto the bench in the room, and have the man be the only set of feet visible. Spread your legs so you’re lower down and your hips can easily match up. If not, it may be time for the gent to bend down a bit and put his tongue to use. Be sure that you’re in the style of changing room with a closing door rather than a curtain, though – unless you plan on getting caught!

Airplane Restroom: This is going to be quick but it doesn’t have to be as dirty as it sounds! After you’ve made your plan to meet up in the restroom (we suggest while everyone is sleeping on a longer overnight flight), and have managed to cram the two of you into the ever-shrinking restrooms, you’ve got to get to work quickly. The best position we’ve heard for airplane restroom sex is a cross between standing sex and doggy style. Get your man to come from behind while slightly bent over. Try not to touch too much, and don’t even think of getting down on the floor. Also – try and keep it under 15 minutes so the airline crew don’t get suspicious!

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