Best-Selling Sex Toys

We can’t lie, at Adam & Eve, we sell some amazing sex toys. We’re proud to say that each toy is personally tested and approved by the crew here (we LOVE our job, no pun intended). So when people come onto our site, they’re always looking for what’s been selling the best. We’re proud to say that we’ve finally compiled a list of some of the most popular items we have to offer, and we’re sure that most of our fans will agree with our list.

Adam & Eve Lubricant

lubeWe’ve ditched the nonoxynol and can proudly still bring you some of the most slippery lube you’ll find on the market. The bottle is genius in itself with a no-spill design. If you can unstrap a bra with one hand, you can use our lubricant with one hand, and never have to be preoccupied with an annoying bottle in the middle of your fiesta.

Blue Dolphin Vibrator  

blue dolphinThe ultimate vibrator for women who are just getting started with sex toys! We’ve perked up the classic vibrator with vein texture as well as a flexible jelly that’s going to make it feel as real as man who bought it for you. With multiple speeds, this 6-inch long, 1-inch wide vibrator is perfect for those bath time and shower moments when you’ve got to let go of a little pressure.


The Silver Bullet

silver bulletWhile we’d like to think SOME people use this strictly as a massager, we know that you can only do that for so long before you want to feel the tingle all over your body. This is by far our most popular foreplay toy, and the men love buying this for their women. The 30 inch cord makes the silver bullet easy to use across the entire body, and the variable speed dial can keep your partner guessing as long as they keep their eyes closed. Tease the clit, tease the tit…your call, her pleasure.


Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner

toy cleanerWe know why this is a best seller. Not only is it great for personal hygiene and keeping your toys sanitary, but it also means that you’ve been getting more pleasure out of our toys than we thought! Our toy cleaner gets rid of the germs quick and easy. Just spray on some cleaners and wipe it off with a clean rag. Your toy will be ready for its next session in a jiffy!


Adam & Eve Clit Sensitizer

clit sensitizerThis made our most popular sex toy list for two reasons. One, it sells a lot, and two, we get more feedback from women on this than any other product. That’s because the Clit Sensitizer is so unique, and works so well, that women want their men to see them bragging about it. Guys, take it from our thousands of satisfied women, buy this.


Adam & Eve Clit Dancer Waterproof Mini Massager

clit dancerIt’s time to tease the clit a little bit. Sure, ladies could use it as a full on vibrator, but the Clit Dancer was built for teasing, tantalizing and pleasing the clit. This different heads on this vibrator can take of any woman, and its small size makes it easy when you need something for those lonely business trips. The waterproof build makes it perfect for waking you up in the morning…or the evening.