Best Sex Toys For The Water

Who’s thinking about heading to the beach? We know that in many parts of the country, it’s not quite warm enough to get into the ocean or pop in the pool. That doesn’t stop us from thinking about which kinds of sex toys are best for play in the water. Whether it’s a pool, the ocean, a hot tub or even your bathroom, there are certain toys that are better designed for underwater play than others.

Glass Dildos – The great thing about glass dildos and other glass sex toys is that they can change their temperature and hold onto it for a long while. We have heard of one couple who keeps their glass dildo in a nearby wine bucket (submerged in the ice water) before heading out to the hot tub for some frisky times. There’s no worry about glass toys cracking, melting, or getting water inside as they are typically made of 100% glass – no moving parts.

Ben Wa Balls – Made waterproof by design, these toys get taken to the next level when you’re underwater. Because your body is able to move more freely in a pool of water, these balls can reach places sometimes restricted by above-water movement. Float on your back and feel where they can move. If you’re worried about the balls travelling a bit too far back into your body, get a set with a retrieval string. This will hang out of your body like the string on a tampon and make removal easy.Best Sex Toys For The Water

Metal Anal Plugs – Warm water is a natural relaxer for all parts of the body, including those tight muscles that keep the anus closed. If you’re looking to use anal toys in the hot tub, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to use silicone lubricant for this scenario. Water based lubes will just dissolve in the water. Metal butt plugs will heat up to the temperature in the water, so be sure it’s a temperature your back end can handle. Lastly, there is a chance that some water will be kept in your anus when inserting a butt plug and keeping it there – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, some lovers prefer it!

Toys to keep out of the water – Some realistic feeling sex toy materials (like Cyberskin) are somewhat porous, and won’t hold up well with repeated uses in the water. If you’re going to use this style of sex toy in a hot tub, bath, or anywhere that it will be spending a good amount of time submerged, you may want to use a condom or other barrier over the toy to decrease the amount of water it may soak up. Be sure to let these toys completely dry in the open air for at least 24 hours before storing them away.