Can I Really Stick My Sex Toys In The Dishwasher

One of the less enjoyable parts of playing with sex toys is the clean up after the fact. If you are anything like us, gathering up the energy to wash down your favorite toy after an evening full of ‘activity’ is the last thing on your mind. But what if it was as easy as sticking it in the dishwasher? For some toys, it is!

There are certainly toy materials that can not only handle the high temperatures of a dish washer, they actually come out cleaner and more sterilized when you do it this way. So how do you know if your toy fits under that category? For the most part, glass sex toys and 100% silicone sex toys can be placed into the top wrack of your dishwasher. Some metal sex toys can also take this treatment, but be sure to read your toy’s instructions as sometimes metal toys are finished with a material that can break down if put through a dish washer cycle.

The first thing to do is to give your toys a quick rinse, just as you do when sticking your dinner plate into the dishwasher. If there are any larger clumps of body fluid, do your best to get those off. If your sex toy contains any mechanical parts, be sure that you can fully remove them before sticking them through your normal dishwasher cycle. As a general rule of thumb, though, if your sex toy has a battery port, it shouldn’t be going through the dishwasher.Can I Really Stick My Sex Toys In The DishwasherPlace your dishwasher safe sex toys on the top wrack of your dishwasher. Yes – you can include your sex toys with your pots and pans from the night before! Run them through your washer’s standard cycle, and leave them in the dishwasher to dry out with the rest of the dishwasher load. Don’t be tempted to open up the door and let the steam escape to cool them down quicker – this actually takes away some of the sterilizing properties of the dishwasher! Once your toys have cooled down, place them back in their normal storage.

If you don’t happen to have a dishwasher, you can sterilize your sex toys by submerging them into a pot of boiling water for at least 5 minutes. The same rules apply, though – this is safe for 100% silicone and glass sex toys, and maybe metal ones, but none that have battery ports.

So what if you’ve got sex toys that can’t handle the heat? Typically most sex toys can be bathed in your bathroom sink in a basin full of warm soapy water. Some specific sex toys will give you instructions on their cleaning – some can’t be fully submerged, others need specialized cleaners. If you are using a cleaner made especially for sex toys, be sure to read the side of the bottle before using it. Some are designed like regular soap where you rinse off the toy afterwards, while others only work if you leave the “cleaner” on for a specific period of time before rinsing. Others don’t need rinsing at all!