Can’t Miss Mens Toys for Valentines Day

Getting ladies something naughty for Valentine’s Day is usually a pretty easy affair. Getting sex toys for men, though, may not be quite as easy. Remember, communication is always key when introducing new toys into the bedroom! If your man isn’t quite open as to what sort of sex toys he’d be willing to play with, there are a few standards that you typically can’t go wrong with. Are you ready to do some men’s sex toy shopping for Valentine’s Day?

Male Masturbators – These hand held sex toys are perfect for guys who tend to go on those long business trips with only the company of their own hand. It’s also great for the lover who wants to add another layer of sensation onto their hand jobs. With a wide variety when it comes to styles and prices, you might not want to splash out on a hundred dollar toy if he’s never used one before. A basic sleeve style masturbator like the Super Head Honcho is a great way to start.

Penis Rings – From your basic rings that let him stay harder for longer, to more advanced models that include vibrators for you, penis rings are a smaller Valentine’s Day gift for your lover. While a few couples may get these as gag gifts, after they’ve discovered their potential, they tend to stick around for the long term! If you’re unsure which size to get, we suggest a multi-ring set like the Adam & Eve Triple Erection System to a variety of choice.Cant Miss Mens Toys for Valentines DayProstate Toys – This style of toy is really better used with guys who have already explored anal play, or at the very least are open to it. We wouldn’t suggest picking up any sort of sex toy without chatting with your lover first, but that’s a big plus for prostate toys and other back door pleasure products. But – if your man is open to this rewarding style of play, there are a great selection of both beginner and advanced models for his Valentine’s Day gift.

Pheromones – Looking for something slightly different than your standard sex toy, but still want a naughty gift for him for Valentine’s Day? The new line of pheromone products from Lure just add that ‘something special’ to his already attractive nature. Available in a number of forms, such as cologne, body wash and sex lube, the Lure Pheromone For Him is something to try out this February!

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