Celebrating 4th of July With An All American Whopper!

Like realistic dildos for the shape and texture, but dislike them because of their ‘realistic’ size? Do you want a fake penis that goes the extra mile when it comes to length? Want a porn star length dong without the porn star price tag? I certainly did! So I decided to treat myself to a new toy this 4th of July, and went with the aptly named 8 Inch All American Whopper Dong!

When I started out on my quest for a realistic dildo, I was kind of disappointed in a few ways. Yes, there are a ton of dongs out there that look like a real dick. Some are even cast from actual penises. The problem was, I wanted something that looked like a penis, but was larger than the average one. Looking at porn star dildos online they were easily three times the price of ‘standard’ realistic dildos. Finally I found what I was looking for. A realistic dildo with an unrealistic eight inch length. I even had the choice between two flesh colors.

After ordering the 8 Inch All American Whopper Dong and getting it at home, even I was a bit apprehensive at first. Sure, I’d had dildos before – standard five or six inch ones. I’ve even played with a 7 inch one at a lover’s house before. But when 8 inches of fake cock was staring at me with its single eye, I did get a few butterflies in my belly. So I got comfortable, broke out the lube, had a glass of wine, and went to bed with my new ‘boyfriend’, the Whopper.

Got to say – I wasn’t disappointed. Even though it’s a long dildo, it still was as easy to control as my smaller ones. I also took advantage of the suction cup bottom and had a try with it in my shower. Lubed it up with a lot of water based lube, and rode those 8 inches until I was screaming for more. (I do hope that the sound doesn’t travel through the pipes that well. If you’re my downstairs neighbor – sorry!!)

Let’s just talk about the price, briefly. Yes, this is a less than $30 dildo. Compare that to the porn start line of dildos, and you are easily paying half as much for the 8 Inch All American Whopper Dong. You can even get harnesses to go with this dildo if you’re into that kind of thing. All in all – a pretty decent investment as far as I’m concerned!