Is chivalry dead? Coming from the experience of dating many ladies it might just be. Not because I’m not chivalrous, but because every time I try and open a door at a restaurant or my car during a date my lady friend will usually looked shocked – like she’d never seen anything like it. maximilian

It’s true, chivalry is an old custom between men and women and the world. It’s so old that it comes from the days of kings and queens and knights during medieval times. It comes from the customs of knighthood, which include bravery, courtesy, honor and gallantry toward women – and in today’s terms loosely translates to opening up the passenger side of your four-door sedan to let your girl out. But it also includes such ridiculous customs as throwing your coat down over a puddle so she can walk over it, using yourself as a shield during a robbery or when a band of thieves ambushes you in a forest, always light her cigarette, and make sure to walk furthest from the street on the sidewalk (this last one dates back to the days when there wasn’t a sewage system so people just threw their waste out of the window).

Personally, I don’t think chivalry is dead – I think it’s taking a break. In my opinion, women find chivalrous sexy, because it shows you’re a really man and can take care of her. Chivalry shows that you’ll stand up for her and be there for. In the end all of this will make for hot passionate sex. So, open the door for her – not only the car door, but all doors, be sure to pick up the tab at the restaurant, bring her flowers, let her walk up steps first (this is great because you might get a perfect view), and always be there for her. This is only part of what it takes to be a real man and women love real men.

Watch for more sex tips and advise from yours truly, Maximilian



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