Clean Stream On The Go Applicator For Anal Sex Prep

While you don’t need to use an enema before having anal sex, a lot of couples like the cleanliness it provides. Some even use it as part of their foreplay before penetration. For those who are looking for a quick and easy enema kit for travel, the Clean Stream On the Go Applicator is perfect for those who want something quick and not-so-dirty!

Unlike other anal douche kits that have complex hose systems that require hooking into your plumbing, or thick bulbs that take up too much room in a carry-on bag, the Clean Stream On the Go Applicator is complex and discreet. First, the water reservoir on this travel enema has a thin membrane and is collapsible – great for those times when space and weight are at a premium. The screw-top probe can be removed, keeping the unit that much more compact. The entire Clean Stream On the Go Applicator is non-descript, looking like a number of other health related applicators.

Just like your bulb style enema, you can fill it one of two ways – either by unscrewing the top and filling the 150ml reservoir with the fluid of your choice, or by compressing the bulb while the nozzle is still on and sucking the fluid into the reservoir. The narrow tip makes this anal enema great for beginners as well as those who are routine anal douchers. Be sure to use a lubricant on the nozzle end before inserting it into your body. You can use either the thinner and easier to clean water based lubes, or a thicker and longer lasting silicone based lube on the Clean Stream On the Go Applicator nozzle.Clean Stream On The Go Applicator For Anal Sex PrepBecause the Clean Stream On the Go Applicator is powered by your own hand, you have control over how fast and how much pressure the fluid is expelled. Be sure to remove the nozzle completely before releasing the pressure to prevent accidentally pulling the fluid from inside your body into the Clean Stream On the Go Applicator. Refill the bulb as many times as you need to get the job done. When you’re finished, you can throw away the travel enema, or use it up to four more times before disposing of the unit.

Not everyone needs to douche before taking part in anal sex. For those who want to make a squeaky clean performance, it’s one way to be sure that there’s no distractions during sex. It’s also a great way to build up excitement while getting ready. If you need to get clean on the go, check out the Clean Stream On the Go Applicator!