Cleaning Out Your Male Masturbator

Luckily for ladies, most sex toys are relatively easy to clean. But what about the guys, with their male masturbators and other sex playthings? How do you make sure that all the nooks and grannies of your sex toys are as clean as the day you took them out of the box? What is the best way to clean a Fleshlight? Here’s your quick and dirty rundown on how to clean out your male masturbator!

The first step in cleaning out your sex toy is to be sure that any electronic parts have been either removed or shut off. This includes smaller bullet vibrators that sometimes fit in the pockets of the toy, as well as any attached heating systems. Once these are safely stored away, then you can get to the soap and water!

Most male masturbators are open at either end. In order to get the most residues removed from your toy, place one end up against the tap on your sink, and slowly turn the water on. The pressure and flow of the water will help flush out any leftover ‘deposits’ as well as lubricant that may have become trapped in the toy. If your toy isn’t open at both ends, you can still run your masturbator under a flowing stream of water, but we don’t suggest pressing directly against the tap! Keep the water flowing until it runs clean out of the toy.

cleaning masturbatorsAnother option is to give your toy a bath in warm soapy water. Fill your sink or a large bowl with water and add a few drops of soap. Gently swish it around in the water, letting it get at all the inner areas of your toy. If you choose not to use a cleaner specifically made for sex toys, be sure to read the instructions that came along with your toy. Some cleaners can actually break down the materials in your sex toy, making it unusable. Be sure to rinse off  the toy when it’s bath is done to completely remove any dirt.

If you can turn your toy inside out, we suggest you do so to be sure there are no unwanted remnants inside your masturbator. This is also a great way to get your toy dry. While most toys shouldn’t be stored inside out for longer periods of time, giving it a good shake while it’s inside out will help remove larger drops of water. Some toys also benefit from a quick dusting of corn starch once they are completely dried. This will help the toy keep its smooth, skin like texture over a longer period of time.

Some male masturbators have kits specifically made to clean them that will help keep them in tip top condition. The Fanta Flesh Care Kit is made for the PipeDreams line of realistic masturbators. Fleshlight suggests that you use cornstarch when your toy is dry.