Cool It Down With Metal Worx Toys

Suffering through this summer heat and need something sexy to cool you down? Love the tempterature play of glass sex toys, but looking for something new? Want a sex toy that’s not your average dildo? It’s time to explore the world of metal sex toys!

The Metal Worx line of pleasure products have been made for those who are looking for a higher end experience with their sex toys, as well as those who enjoy the array of temperatures you can achieve with metal. These unyielding dildos, plugs and clamps aren’t your beginner’s sex toys. These are pieces that are meant to be appreciated by toy lovers looking for a difference.

Starting with the Metal Worx Nipple Clamps, these stainless steel nipple clamps use magnets to keep the strong pinch in place. You’ll feel every pull and tug as you move around with these as the weight of the clamps makes every shift and turn pleasurable. With their shiny finish and crystal encrusted pins, they’re gorgeous enough to wear on their own to your next fetish event, or in the privacy of your own bedroom.metal worx collectionMetal Worx also has a number of dildos for various scenarios. The Metal Worx Love Plug is an anal toy meant to stimulate a gentleman’s p-spot. The hand polished steel plug has hand loop at the end, giving you total control over every delicious movement inside your lover’s body. The Metal Worx Teaser can be used by both men and women, either vaginally or anally. The straight, yet tapered sides to this metal dildo mean that it is the perfect tool for anal training, or ladies hoping to strengthen their PC muscles. It also makes a great all-around dildo. Lastly, the Metal Worx Curve Dildo not only makes a great vaginal dildo, the bead-like bulges make it almost perfect as a set of stable anal beads. The long handle makes this toy great to use solo as well as with a partner – or two!

Metal sex toys are easy to use in so many ways. Being that they are made from stainless steel, you can use all types of lubricant without worry of breaking down the materials. Cleaning them up is as simple as putting them into the top rack of your dishwasher for a standard cycle, or simply washing them in your bathroom sink with warm soapy water. Temperature play is as easy as it is with glass toys – just submerge your toy in warm or cold water and allow the toy to come to temperature. If you love the qualities of glass sex toys but want to expand your collection, metal sex toys like the Metal Worx Collection are certainly something not to pass up!