Cool Off With These Summer Sex Toys

While the temperatures start to increase, a lot of us are looking for ways to cool down from this summer heat. Aside from the usual air conditioning, skinny dipping, and ice cream some sex toys and adult products can not only bring down the temperature, but will feel pretty darn good doing so! Here are our picks for four pleasure objects that will cool you down – even when your aroused body is sending your temperature climbing!

Glass and Metal Sex Toys – If you’ve never experienced glass or metal sex toys before, you are certainly missing out! These types of sex toys can be placed into a bowl of cold water to bring down the temperature of the toy. There are a number of glass and metal sex toys available at Adam and Eve online, but two of our favorites are the Icicles Number 19 and the Metal Worx Teazer. We don’t suggest putting metal or glass sex toys in the freezer, as the resulting drop in temperature can actually cause the toy to freeze to your sensitive skin!

Cool Off Summer Sex ToysCooling Lubricant – Lubes are pretty much standard to every sex toy collection, but some have taken it to the next level and added cooling lubes like the Wicked Ultra Cooling Lubricant to their sex sessions. Meant to be used like standard lubes, cooling lubricants have additional ingredients that leave a tingling and cooling sensation. Most cooling lubes use natural additives like mint or menthol to achieve their chilling qualities.

Cupless & Crotchless Lingerie – When the temperate reaches the triple figures, the last thing you want to be wearing is anything at all! While fancy underwear that cover you up may be more sexy to some, there are times when cat suits and corsets aren’t really the best comfortable, temperature-wise. Cupless and crotchless lingerie like the Open Crotch Lace Teddy leave nothing to the imagination, and leave as much skin exposed as possible!

Home Made Ice Dildos – We’ll be detailing instruction on how to make home made ice dildos in a future post. These summer sex toys are best made with unlubricated condoms, but can also be made with condoms without spermicide like the Adam and Eve Ultra Thin Condoms. Save up those paper towel rolls and stay tuned for our instructional post!

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