Could This Be The Ultimate Sex Toy?

Dildos, anal probes, clit suckers, vibrators, g-spot toys, rabbit – the list of sex toys for women can go on and on for miles! You could spend a small fortune on getting all these toys and try to find space in your cabinet to fit them, or you could get them all in one single toy priced under $130 – the Triple Orgasm French Kiss Vibrator. This very well could be the ultimate sex toys for ladies who love getting it from every angle, and it certainly was for me!

Where do you begin talking about this sex toy? I suppose we’ll start with the largest part of this multi-use rabbit vibrator – the phallic vibrating dildo. With five inches of insertable length, this is in that “goldilocks” zone for me when it comes to size – not too big, but certainly not too small. The shaft is penis shaped without looking overly realistic, for those who don’t like that sort of thing. Unlike your regular vibrator, this phallus has a spinning tip and is embedded with beads that twirl around the shaft when turned on. It’s got the prefect curve for g-spot stimulation as well.Triple Orgasm French VibratorMoving onto the most popular part of rabbit vibrators – the clitoral vibe! This one doesn’t quite look like your standard bunny, but does keep those important “ears” that climb up and surround your clit. What it does have is a tube like structure that envelops your clit and pulls on it with gentle suction, making it that much more sensitive. Unlike other rabbit vibes, the Triple Orgasm French Kiss Vibrator has a bullet vibe right inside the rabbit, rather than relying on a single main vibrator to send sensations downward.

Lastly is something you don’t often see in rabbit vibes – a third probe for anal stimulation. This tiny little appendage measures half an inch wide and has a total length of three inches. This is a perfect size for ladies who don’t often engage in anal play, or just like a bit of tickle to go along with their vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This anal toy also has its own vibrator and has a bulbed end for enhanced inner stimulation.

I know what you’re thinking – $130 is a lot of money for a sex toy. If you break it down though – $70 for a vibrating dildo that has a twirling top and beads, $20 for a clitoral vibrator, $20 for a clit sucker, $30 for a beginner’s anal vibrator – you’re probably saving a few bucks overall. That, and you don’t have to have a small suitecase filled with all these toys, when you’ve got them all in one unit. (Plus, if you’re a bargain hunter like me, you can find coupon codes for toys like the Triple Orgasm French Kiss Vibrator at Adam & Eve all the time!)