Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand Helps Your Dark Desires

When talking about glass toys, it’s easy to settle for the cheap discount brands. The problem is, though, that the lesser quality for some bargain basement glass sex toys certainly give you what you pay for. Painful seams, questionable materials and even chips or cracks are all worries to have when buying so called ‘inexpensive’ glass toys. Step aside for the Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand – a high quality glass sex toy with a great mid-range price. The black glass dildo retails for just under $40 – a few steps above the bargain range but still affordable enough to add to your collection.

Unlike other glass toys, the Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand is hand crafted from 100% borosilicate glass – completely body safe. You can use your choice of lubricant with the Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand as the usual silicone or oil based lubes you may steer away from do not harm the glass. This isn’t your pretty pink sex toy either. The sleek black glass is accented with a decorative swirl at the base is feminine without being too girly.Crystal Noir Desire Glass WandThe shape of the Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand makes it ideal for both vaginal and anal play. The swirled tip pleasures the g-spot and p-spot with ease, and the increasingly larger bumps feel absolutely delicious when pulled out during orgasm. For those that like their stimulation large, flip it around and try out the 1.75 inch base. Fans of temperature play know all about glass toys, and the Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand isn’t any different. Submerge the glass toy for a few minutes in warm or cool water to change the temperature of the glass toy. The glass will hold onto that temperature change for quite a while!

Another great aspect to the Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand is that clean-up is super easy. You can use your basic soap and water solution or your favorite sex toy cleaner to give it a quick bath in your sink. Or, you can also pop it into the top rack of your dishwasher and send it through a normal cycle to get it cleaned as well as sterilized. Just be sure you’re careful when taking it out – the glass will retain that heat from the dishwasher! Keep your Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand safe in the included velvet storage pouch.

You may be tempted by less expensive sex toys. Trust us – glass pleasure products are certainly those that you do not want to skimp on. Spoil yourself with the not-so-guilty pleasures of the Crystal Noir Desire Glass Wand!