Cupless Bras As Lingerie For Well Endowed Ladies

I’ve always had a problem finding lingerie sets that fit me right. I’m a relatively “normal” shaped size 14 gal from the stomach downward, but my breasts – being a rather large cup size that I’d rather not share – never fit into size 14 lingerie. So I’m stuck – do I get a set of naughty underwear that fits my bottom half and makes my tits look awful, or do I get a larger set to hold my knockers in place correctly, but look like a balloon at the bottom? My solution was neither – get a cupless lingerie set.

If you’ve never seen cupless bras before, they tend to come in two styles. One is more a “half bra”, where there is some fabric underneath, and it does come up your breast part way, but actually doesn’t cover much at all. Other cupless bras are truly without a cup – just the outside seam of a bra. (Think of a bikini without the middle fabric part.) The great thing about cupless bras is that for the most part, it doesn’t matter how big (or little) your breasts are. You can buy lingerie that fits the rest of your body, and not worry about how it looks up top.

The downside to cupless underwear? You’ve got no support. I know fully well that larger breasts tend to travel south over time, but for me, this is just part of my body and who I am. I don’t have support when I’m naked, so it’s not a huge shocker that my breasts aren’t upright and facing forward when I’m wearing barely anything. If you’re not like me, and downward facing breasts offend you, stick with your push up bras and corsets.

cupless bra lingerie

Cupless lingerie also comes in pretty much style that standard lingerie comes in. You can get separate matching bra and panties sets like the Vixen Mesh Two Piece Set from Adam & Eve, two piece babydoll sets like the Cupless Bowtie Babydoll, or classic teddys like the Hypnotic Swirl Cupless & Crotchless Teddy. (Yes, crotchless – cupless and crotchless seem to go hand in hand!) Even the fetish crowd can enjoy cupless lingerie with the latex-looking Cupless Vinyl Teddy.

I personally went with a set that lent itself to role play quite nicely – the Naughty Wild West Costume, which is a fringed cupless and crotchless bikini-like set. Not only did the ties on the bottom half of the costume adjust to fit my size 14 back side, the top fit as well. Now, the fringe didn’t exactly lay over my nipple like it does in the model’s picture, but to be honest, I wasn’t too bothered by that. Put it together with my boots and cowgirl hat, and let my hubby know he was in for a wild night!