Cupping Basics For Beginners

 The Chinese tradition of ‘fire cupping’ has recently seen a more sexual turn. Many are using this alternative medicine technique to add another layer of kink to their BDSM sessions, as well as a way to create a higher level of sensitivity to certain parts of the body. So what is cupping? How can you be sure you’re cupping in a safe manner? And where can you get a basic cupping set? We’re here to help!

To begin with, cupping was originally used as a Chinese alternative medicine therapy. Still used today, the thought process was that the suction created on the skin by these heated cups to increase the flow of blood in the body, helping to speed healing. Cupping dates back to around 3000BC, the cups were once made of animal horn or bamboo. Today glass and metal cups are the widely accepted method.

The suction is created one of two ways. In ‘fire cupping’, the air inside the unattached cup is heated – usually using a candle or some form of flame. Once the air is at an appropriate temperature, the cup is placed open side down against the body. As the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum. The more modern method for cupping usually involves some form of pumping system, where the cups are attached to small tubes and the air is extracted manually. The manual cups also come with valves to release the pressure, like in the Sukshen 12 Piece Cupping Set. With traditional style cups, this is done by pressing the skin away from the edge of the cup .Cupping Basics For BeginnersCupping can be broken down into two styles – wet and dry. With wet cupping, both the part of the body that is being cupped – as well as the edge of the cup itself – is coated with oil. This helps the cup slide over the body and creates a tighter seal. Dry cupping is done without this oil, and is used more widely for relaxation whereas wet is used more for therapeutic purposes.

While cupping can cause temporary bruising, it’s not considered a dangerous form of sexual play. Cups can be placed on the nipples, vulva as well as on other parts of the body. Because many couples use candles to heat their cups, it’s often combined with wax play. As with all forms of BDSM and sexual play, communication between partners is key to a successful session.