Dealing With Wintertime Sex Slump

Numerous studies have shown that Americans have significantly less sex in the wintertime than they do in the warmer summer months. What causes this drop in sex? How can you get over this wintertime slump in your sex life? We’re here to help boost your love life so you can try and maintain satisfaction year round!

wintertime sex slump

One reason that there’s quite a drop in sex during the winter months is Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD. It’s believed that the lower levels of sunlight, in addition to a drop in vitamin D levels caused by the lack of sun, brings on a form of depression in some individuals. Some of the symptoms of SAD are an increase in your appetite, avoidance of social situations, fatigue as well as a decline in your sex drive.

How can you get over the effects of SAD? Taking additional vitamin D in your diet may help stave off some of the effects. Foods like fatty fish, oysters, caviar, eggs, mushrooms, and meats like salami, ham and sausages have a higher level of vitamin D. Some foods like milk, tofu and and cereals have additional vitamin D added to them (called fortification). You can also take supplements like cod liver oil or straight up vitamin D tablets to help get the levels you need. Depending on who you talk to, your Vitamin D intake should be anywhere between 600 to 5000 IUs per day – but always discuss any concerns about your vitamin levels with your doctor before starting a supplement program!

Maybe your drop in sex drive isn’t related to a decrease in the sun. What other ways can you spice up your sex lives in the winter months? Spend time together doing all those winter activities that you usually leave to the kids! Get bundled up and go sledding. Head outside and play in the snow. Make a snowman. Experiencing joy will not only help you reconnect as a couple, it’ll help your libido as well.

It’s also a great time to start cooking with aphrodisiacs. Classic winter flavors like chocolate, almonds, garlic and figs are all foods that are famous for their mood-altering qualities. Who needs an excuse to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and pop a few almonds by the fire now?

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