Different Ways To Have Sex In Every Room Of Your House

If you have moved into a new house, or even if you have lived in your house for a while, it is not truly broken in until you have made love in every room of the house. Plus, doesn’t the bedroom get a little boring after a while? If you have the house to yourself this weekend, there is never a better time than now to get it on in every room of your house. In fact, you should make it a challenge – make love in every room before the weekend is over. Here is how to successfully have hot sex in every room of the house.

The Kitchen. This is one of the hottest places to have sex in the house. If you want to make it really hot – she should be wearing nothing but a sexy apron. She should also be faced towards the sink with her hands on the counter – a big plus if she is wearing those yellow gloves. Then he can come in from behind, bend her over the counter and hold on to her breasts as he thrusts inside of her.

The Backyard. This is the perfect place to make love – especially in the summertime at night. The hottest place to get down in the backyard is on a lounge chair, or you can put a towel down in the grass. Just include some good tunes and maybe some kinky toys and you’ll be rocking it until the sun comes up – dawn is the best time to make love in the backyard.

The dining room. This is another great place to make love. You can make love right on the dining room table or you can pull a chair out. If you go for the chair option, it is hot if you eat dinner first, and you should definitely be playing footsy. After he is nice and hard she can suck his cock right there under the table and come up to ride him – how is that for dessert?sex at homeThe living room. This is a fun place to make love in the house, because there are so many different options. You can go at it on the couch, chairs, bear skin rug, or even by the fire. In fact, the living room is such a versatile place to make love – I’ll leave it up to you to create your own fantasy.

Staircase. This is often the place where most couples end up if they just can’t quite make it to the bedroom first. However, the staircase can be an excellent place to make love. There is nothing like being spread out vertical, with one arm on the banister and the other clutching a stair, while he gives it to you missionary style.

If you have a bigger house with more rooms – all the better, and remember that these are just a few suggestions, but you can definitely get more creative. However, even if you have a one bedroom, you can still get it on all over the house. There’s still plenty we didn’t cover – the shower, against the wall, in the car, on the fire escape – but do be careful!

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