Does the Mile High Club Really Exist?

We know it’s on your bucket list. Every time you step on an airplane, you wonder what it would be like to simply ravage a man or woman in the bathroom of a jet airliner. You dream that there is nothing more exciting than getting pleasure while blasting through the skies at 600 miles per hour in a pressurized steel tube. mile high clubBut with all of the security on an airline today, can such an opportunity really present itself? Additionally, the size of an airline bathroom doesn’t exactly play nice with playing nice. What about in the seat? Could it actually be possible to keep it down and get it up when you’re surrounded by crying babies and people who are aggravated about the fact that they’ve paid $25 to bring a suitcase along for the trip?

It isn’t so much a question of whether or not the Mile High Club actually exists, but if it can continue to exist with the setting that exists in planes today. There’s actually a website that refers to a founder of the club as engineer Lawrence Sperry, who apparently had his way with a woman on an autopilot-equipped Curtiss Flying Boat in November of 1916. Since then, there have only been a few documented instances of sex on an airplane. The glory of the Mile High Club isn’t that someone caught you, and it’s been reported, but that you got away with it, and the only people who will ever know are you, your partner and anyone you tell…and we assume you wouldn’t exactly keep your mouth shut.

History tells us that you can’t actually get away with joining the Mile High Club in your seat. In October of 1999, a couple of passengers were arrested on a flight from Dallas after having some fun in the business class section. In 2006, a couple was arrested for playing a little bit of oral fun in their seats. While we’re proud of these folks, this incident doesn’t actually count, since it wasn’t intercourse. We will say that in 2007, a flight attendant on a Qantas flight had sex with actor Ralph Fiennes in an airline lavatory. While she was fired for the incident, if you ask us, we’d say it was well worth it. What this tells us is that you need to attempt get it on in the lavatory, and you’re going to have a difficult time making that happen if you aren’t in first or business classes.

The Mile High Club obviously doesn’t have any official membership, but we’d like to fantasize that it really does exist, if only in our minds. Getting hot and heavy on your connecting flight from Chicago to Denver with that hot man or woman sitting next to you is something that runs through your head when you take a nap on your flight. It’s those who are brash enough to think they can get away with it that have the best chance of keeping those dreams alive for the generations that follow us. Simply put, the Mile High Club does in fact exist, if only to fuel our hormones and give us a goal to set within our sexual lives. Sadly, most people tend to err on the side of caution, simply for the sake of not being towed off by airport police after landing.