Double The Fun With The Panty Vibe & Ben-Wa Balls Set

I was browsing through the new arrivals at Adam and Eve the other day, and I came across an unusual looking bundle that I decided needed to be in my sex toy collection straight away. The Panty Vibe & Ben-Wa Balls Set is something you really should check out, if, like me, you have a vagina. (Or at the very least know someone who does. Okay, maybe not your mom or your sister…because buying sex toys for them is a bit strange. But I digress.)

The Panty Vibe & Ben-Wa Balls Set is a three piece collection that includes a corded pair of ben wa balls, a small bullet vibrator, and a plastic padding that houses the vibrator. The ben wa balls are your standard ABS plastic balls that are suitable for most women. Being that there’s a cord attached that you can hang out your body like a tampon string, getting them out is easy, and there’s no worries about getting them so high up that you’re fishing around in your pussy trying to pull them out. The small vibe, again, is pretty standard. It’s about two and a quarter inches long and actually comes with batteries included. It makes a great little travel vibe, with it being so small, even if you don’t bring along the special pad.

Now…that pad is what really makes this kit. Most “panty vibrators” are actually a pair of underwear with a pocket for a vibrator. The problem is they usually come in the standard S, M and L sizes, with nothing in between. So if you’re like me, the M is too small to breathe in, but the large looks like a circus tent on you. Even if you do get a pair of panties that fit the best, getting the placement of the vibrator right can be a trick. Not everyone’s clit is lined up in the exact same place, yanno. So you may be in a position where the underwear doesn’t fit and the vibrator doesn’t line up right, and you’ve wasted money  on a pair of oversized buzzing knickers. Panty Vibe & Ben-Wa Balls SetWith the Panty Vibe & Ben-Wa Balls Set, the panties are bypassed and replaced with a textured pad. This not only means you can use them in your own underwear, you can also adjust the placement of the pad so that the pocketed vibrator is right where you want it to be. The numbs on the pad not only help keep it in place, it also “transfers” some of the vibrations to other parts of your pussy for a different type of sensation you’d get with your standard vibrating panties. You can even be slightly adventurous and go commando under a tight pair of jeans or leggings to keep the pad in place!