Easy Access With Spanky Skirt

You know when you see a piece of clothing and know that it’s the PERFECT items to wear for a certain event? Well, for me, that certain event was my birthday party being held at the local fetish club and that very perfect item of clothing was the Spanky Skirt from Allure. Not only would it be damn hot for the night, it gave my partner easy access when it came time for my birthday spanks!

The quick and dirty basics for the Spanky Skirt is that it’s a vinyl-like mini skirt that has a rather large heart-shaped cutout in the back of the skirt. There’s enough material there to keep the front half where it’s supposed to be, but that’s about it! It’s a ‘one size fits most’ skirt, fitting between a size 2 and a size 12. It’s got that shiny wet appearance that a lot of latex and vinyl have, but the materials in the Spanky Skirt are much more breathable. There’s no belts, buckles or snaps on this spanking skirt – it’s purely a slide off and slide on situation.Easy Access With Spanky SkirtMy order from Adam and Eve came in a few days after I placed it online, just in time for my big day. It’s not every day that you turn thirty and I wanted to have all eyes on me for that day! I changed into my skirt when we got at the club. I wore a g-string underneath it, just seeing the small strings of fabric on my ass. The reactions were great – I had quite a few ladies ask me where I got my spanking skirt.

When it came time to actually use it for its intended purpose, it did the job quite well. My partner was able to get a number of good smacks in both with his bare hands as well as the tools that were at the club. The only down side is that little sweet spot right under your ass is covered by the fabric, but that’s nothing that pulling up the skirt won’t help!