Even More Sex Facts You Probably Never Knew

It’s been a while since we broke out the random collection of sex facts that we love to share with our readers. While the more educated sexperts who read our blog may be aware of most of these, we bet there are a few in our list that you may not have come across before. So tell us – how many of these are new to you?

1. There are estimated to be 100 million acts of sex on a given day. This means that right now 65,000 couples are making love at this exact moment.

2. Tatyana Kozhevnikova, a weightlifter from Russia, holds the record for lifting the greatest amount of weight – 30.86lbs– using her vaginal muscles.

3. A man’s penis size can actually reduce after long periods of sexual inactivity.

4. Time to help around the house, fellas. A study from the University of California found that men who assist their partners with the housework have 50% more sex than the men who don’t.

5. Broken down by country, Greek residents tend to have the most sex. A whopping 87% of them say they have it at least once a day.Even More Sex Facts

6. Exotic dancers tend to earn more tips when they are ovulating. This may be due to the fact that they release pheromones which many entice their patrons into spending more.

7. Testicles are supposed to be lop-sided. The body has evolved this way so that one testes doesn’t hit against the other while walking.

8. While it may go against cultural beliefs – women actually tend to have more sex than men. On average a woman has 17% more sex than the average man does.

9. The average female orgasm lasts just 20 seconds. While that may not seem like a great length, its impressive compared to a man’s average of six seconds.

10. We’re not sure if this is a good thing, but at least 12% of women admit to using their cell phone during sex. We hope it’s for taking super sexy pics of their action!

11. Female breasts can swell up as much as 25% when aroused, as well as experience an increase in sensitivity.

12. Per the results of a recent poll, the athletes that women are most attracted to tend to be swimmers and soccer players.

13. A woman’s clitoris does not stop growing. On average, by the age of 32, the clitoris is four times longer than it was at puberty.