Everything You Need to Know About the PS Spot

While everyone has been occupied with the g-spot – where to find it, debating whether it exists, getting frustrated when they can’t find it – they have been completely disregarding another part of the female anatomy that when stimulated can feel just as good. Indeed, it seems that women are wonderfully blessed with a number of different pleasure spots and the PS-spot is another one of them. Yet, while the g-spot is a little more difficult to find, the PS-spot is so easy, it’s a wonder that so few people give it due diligence. Here is everything you need to know about the PS-spot.

1. What is the PS-spot anyways? PS stands for perineal sponge, which is right in the middle between the vagina and the anus – otherwise known as the taint, or perineum. The sponge, like the clitoris, becomes aroused when stimulated and can become erect or puffy. It is also full of nerve endings and when engorged can feel incredible when licked or stroked.

2. Why have I never heard of it? It seems that female sexuality, through the ages, has been something to keep on the extreme down low. This is probably the reason why so many men have a hard time pleasing a woman, because no one ever told them. Society’s best response to female sexuality was to deny its existence. Yet, it is only in recent years that we are realizing that the female reproductive organs are vastly complex. Somehow in all of that, someone forgot to mention the PS-spot.

3. How do you stimulate the PS-spot? The PS-spot is much easier to find than the g-spot – thankfully. The best way to stimulate is with your body parts – tongue, fingers, and even toes if you want to. You can even use a vibrator on a low vibration setting. Teasing the PS-spot is great for foreplay and can really enhance the sexual experience if you find a position where you can stimulate the PS-spot at the same time.Everything You Need to Know About the PS Spot4. What does it feel like? Well, the PS-spot is an erogenous zone – it will feel incredible when stimulated. Some women say that when their lover licks or teases their PS-spot it can make them more lubricated and ready for sex. Some women have reported having an orgasm simply from having their PS-spot stimulated.

5. Will I like it? You might. It is one of those things you have to try first. Some people don’t like any object or body parts too close to their anuses. While it will feel good, you might find that you like to get pleasure from stimulation of other parts of your body. Yet, if you can get past the fear that something might penetrate your anus, you’ll probably find you like it – a lot. All you can do is experiment – what do you have to lose?

At the end of the day, though, the PS-spot, or perineal sponge plays an important role in the sexual congress of a man and woman. When stimulated, the PS-spot can make the vagina tighter and can make sex more pleasurable. So, maybe it’s time for you to explore this uncharted territory. 

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