Everything You Wanted To Know About Orgasmic Meditation

For some women, the orgasm is an elusive thing, especially during sex. Yet, maybe you are looking at the whole orgasm thing the wrong way. Maybe you need Orgasmic Meditation or OM – otherwise known as Oming. Can Oming improve your sex life? A number of women are reporting that it already has. One woman has reported having upwards of 11 orgasms in a single day. Orgasmic Meditation is a unique discipline of meditation that combines some of the same principles of tantric sex, but applies them to a form of meditative masturbation. The goal they say is not to have an orgasm, but to get closer to yourself, and to have a deeply profound and moving experience.

But let’s get serious, 11 orgasms in a day? – Sounds pretty great right? Nicole Daedone, who is the author of the book Slow Sex, started the OneTaste center in San Francisco, as a meditation retreat of sorts for the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. Now, people are flocking from all over the world to be a part of the movement. At the OneTaste center, a number of coaches can work with you to stroke and tease you until you reach climax – or not. Some of these coaches are real doctors, which makes the whole thing sound a lot more legit. But what are some of the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation?Everything You Wanted To Know About Orgasmic MeditationThey say that the orgasm is a fundamental nutrient – just as important as vitamin C or any other essential nutrient – that has been missing from the human diet for centuries. Orgasmic Meditation is a fifteen-minute long process that is very similar to yoga or any other meditative practice. Some of the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation include increased vitality, more energy, reduced stress and irritability, and overall increased wellbeing. Sound like baloney? – Maybe not, because how good do you feel after an intense orgasm?

At the end of the day, sure, build a religion to the orgasm. Maybe Orgasmic Meditation can actually help people. Doctors all over the world say that the orgasm can indeed increase your overall well-being and it has a number of positive health effects. Maybe the best part about Orgasmic Meditation is that you don’t always have to initially be in the mood for sex. The object is to spend some time relaxing so that you can eliminate any source of pressure, once you are in that place, you will find yourself in the mood to spice up your sex life. Also, every time you have a meditative orgasm, each orgasm after that gets more and more intense. Also, sexual meditation is for both men and women. So, if you are trying to find a way to enlighten your sexual being, maybe Orgasmic Meditation, or Oming, is the practice for you.