Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex and Pregnancy


It seems that most couples have a bevy of questions when it comes to sex and pregnancy. Can you have sex while you are pregnant? Will it hurt the baby? What’s the best position? The truth is, sex can be even more enjoyable while you are pregnant. The only thing holding you back, however, from having sex is some hormonal changes in your body – you might not want to have sex. However, some doctors even recommend frequently having sex in order to help regulate these hormones.  Sex also helps the woman with her contractions as she gets closer to the due date. Here is everything you wanted to know about sex and pregnancy.

Will sex hurt the baby?  The short answer is no. The baby is protected by an amniotic sack, which means that even if a man’s penis could get that far, it wouldn’t even come close to penetrating the amniotic sac – not to mention all the fluid that is protecting the baby.  Research suggests that rougher sex can jostle the amniotic sac, but no real damage can be done – but doctors say you should not have rough sex during pregnancy.sex and pregnancyWhat are some of the best positions? Contrary to popular belief, most positions are okay to do during pregnancy. You might not want to try anything too athletic or anything that requires substantial flexibility, so you should stick with something that is more comfortable, like doggy style or the spoon position.

What about anal sex? Some doctors don’t recommend anal sex during pregnancy, because it can cause pregnancy related hemorrhoids. However, oral sex is just fine – in fact it might even feel the most comfortable. You might even want to incorporate a vibrator into the equation, because vibrators can increase the sensation and make oral sex feel more pleasurable.

Can I use dildos? Yes, in fact some doctors and midwives say that you should use a dildo at the end of your pregnancy because it can help open up the birth canal and it can make contractions feel less intense. Large dildos in particular work the best, because your body is already ready to push a baby out – a big dildo will help open the gate.

When is it not okay to have sex during pregnancy? While orgasms won’t cause contractions that will force a premature labor, you definitely don’t want to be having sex while in labor. That should be an obvious one. You should also refrain from sex if there are any major complications.

At the end of the day, sex can be fun while you are pregnant. For couples it can be an exciting new way to make love now that many of your limits and boundaries have changed. More than anything, though, you should enjoy it while it lasts, because there will be many sleepless nights ahead of you.

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