Exploring Aluminum Sex Toys

The abundance of sex toy material can be astounding when you think about it. Everything from your bargain-basement jelly toys, durable silicone pleasure products – even natural materials like stone and glass have all been transformed into tools to create orgasms. One of the more recent materials to start being transformed into sex toys is aluminum – the lightweight metal which has typically been reserved for bicycle frames and cooking equipment. With its own special qualities to bring to the bedroom, we’re here to introduce the latest aluminum sex toys for you!

So what’s so great about aluminum sex toys? First, you’ll get a texture that’s hard to mimic with most pleasure product materials. The completely smooth and blemish free surface definitely gives it a luxurious feel. Adding a small amount of water based lubricant eliminates almost any resistance to this toy slipping inside an eager body – making it ideal for activities such as anal sex training. Aluminum toys give that high end and luxury look without having the triple digit price tag.

Like glass sex toys, aluminum toys can also be heated up or cooled down. We suggest using the bath method to change the temperature of the toys. Not only does metal not exactly go well in the microwave, you’re just asking for “skin contact freezer burn” by leaving your aluminum sex toy in the freezer! Just place your sex toy into a bowl of water – very warm to heat it up, cold to cool it down – and leave it for around 15 minutes to adjust to the temperature. Press it against a somewhat sensitive part of your body (like the inside of your elbow or inner arm) to be sure it’s a temperature you can handle before trying it out on your nether regions! This is something to keep in mind when using aluminum sex toys in hot tubs – they will heat up to the water’s temperature.Exploring Aluminum Sex ToysAluminum vibrators also have a pretty desirable quality – vibrations can travel through metal a lot better than materials like silicone or plastic. This means that you’ll be feeling faster and more powerful vibrators with less loss of sensation.  The entire toy vibrates – not just a small point at the top. Thicker aluminum sex toys are also able to dampen the sounds of internal vibrators easier. If you’re used to quiet toys lacking in the power department, you may not be disappointed with an aluminum toy.

We could go on and on about how great aluminum sex toys are, really. They’re waterproof. They’re hypoallergenic. They’re long lasting. They’re easy to clean. They’re better for than environment than chemically created jelly toys. They look cool. Your friends will want them. What more do we really need to say?