Exploring ElectroSex Toys

 Looking for a new sensory activity to explore with your partner? Into BDSM but want to move away from impact toys as a pain delivery system? The world of electrosex toys may be one that is not used by many beginner S&M enthusiasts, but with a bit of learning this style of play may open up new avenues to explore.

Electro sex toys are stimulation units that use electrical current to provide either pain or pleasure. Some electrosex practitioners use the current directly on the genitals for a sexual repose, while others use it in various other parts of the body for pain responses. Electrosex kits tend to come in two styles – the more medical based “pad” kits like the Deluxe Shock Therapy Travel Kit, or wand based units like the Electroerotic Neon Wand. These styles of toys do come at a hefty price. Most kits will start at around $150 and go up to more than $500. With the additional cost typically come more attachment accessories and control panels with more options as far as dialing up the current.Exploring ElectroSex ToysThe pad based electrosex kits are usually made up of one base unit where the current is controlled. Powered by either plugging into the outlets of your house, or via batteries, these controllers let you change how much power is being sent through to the pads, as well as set them into different patters such as on-and-off, increasing, or decreasing power. (Think of a vibe’s vibration pattern setting, only with electrical current.) Many kits will include gel that is needed to transfer the current from the pad to the skin. Others come with replacement pads or other accessories such as wrist bands, cock rings or nipple clamps, which can all be attached to the main unit.

Violet wants – also known as neon wands – are another style of electrosex toy. Rather than pads to deliver the sensation, glass tubing is filled with a gas that delivers a spark when placed next to the skin. Think of a supped-up neon diner sign! These hand held units tend to be easier to control and better for beginners to start with, as you can simply move the wand out of the way if the pain gets to be too much, rather than turning down controllers or removing pads. Many neon wand kits come with multiple styles of glass attachments that are meant to deliver various styles of shock to the body.

Medical role play is an area that electrosex use seems to be used in quite routinely. As the concept in itself is based on actual medical use, this isn’t too much of a leap to take. Some electrosex practitioners have discovered that certain areas on their lover’s spine result in a near-orgasmic response in other areas! As with any new BDSM activity, though, it’s always important to learn about the skill before practicing it on an actual human body, as well as keeping an open line of communication with your lover during your first few sessions!