Fabric Fetishes Explained

Are you curious as to why some individuals love to wear leather or latex? Stumped about what turns people on about wearing spandex? We’ve got all the answers you need here at Adam and Eve.

Leather: Leather fetish wear is by far the most popular. A number of people who do get directly aroused from leather itself – the smell, the feel, or even the sound. There is also a leather subculture that is connected with both BDSM and gay cultures. While some individuals are not directly aroused by leather itself, the use of leather tends to go hand-in-hand with some fetishes, such as bondage and dominance. For instance, they may not be turned on by a strip of leather, but if that leather is used to bind their hands together, they become aroused. There are also individuals who associate the wearing of leather with a stereotype, such as the ‘bad boy’ or the ‘biker’, which turns them on.fabric fetishes

Latex & PVC: The main attraction to latex and PVC is the fact that it acts as a second skin to the wearer. This will give the sensation of being naked, all while still being covered up. Since many wearers of latex and PVC don garments that are skin tight, there is also an element of bondage involved, as their movements and sense of touch is restricted. The scent of these fabrics is also a significant turn on for those who enjoy this fetish – so much so that some manufacturers of latex and PVC clothing add perfumes so that the odor is enhanced. Latex fetishists often refer to themselves as ‘Rubberists’, as latex is a form of rubber.

Fur: Following along the lines of ‘second skin’, fur (both real and faux) is another type of fabric that lends itself to a fetish following. Some aspects of the fur fetish also enhance sexually attractive stereotypes, such as the ‘spoiled rich girl’, the ‘horny kept housewife’, and ‘caveman’. In addition to wearing pieces of fur, as well as whole garments, there is a fur fetish subculture (called furries) that create costumes involving fur. The Furry community contains members who enjoy dressing up as anthropomorphic animals, both in a sexual and non-sexual context, with the fur being a major aspect of their costuming.

Spandex: Like fur and latex, spandex is also based on the wearer having a second skin. Many spandex fetishists wear full body suits (including hoods and face coverings), so there is a level of restriction as well as anonymity. While spandex and other similar tight fitting fabrics have generally remained underground, only showing themselves in the fetish community, their full-body suits have recently become more mainstream.