First Time Glass Toy Experience

Glass sex toys are an area that I hadn’t explored quite yet. I saw that Adam and Eve were having a special where you receive a free glass dildo with a purchase of $39 or more, and I decided it was time to give them a whirl. glass toy experienceAfter getting the odds and ends that I needed from Adam and Eve, I selected the A&E Blue Studs Crystal Teaser for my freebie, and waited for my package to arrive.

A few days later, I was greeted at my door by an awaiting delivery. When I opened up the box, the first thing I went for was the glass dildo. I was surprised by its sheer weight – it was heavier than any toy I had used before. I quite liked the feel, as it gave me the sense that this thing wasn’t the flimsy little bullet vibes I’d got for free from other sex toy retailers. I think the biggest thing that came as a shock to me was the temperature. This thing was cold in my hands, and I was eager to find out how it would feel in my pussy.

That night I stripped down and pulled out another one of my new purchases, the Adam and Eve Massaging Vibrator, and got myself all wet and ready. Once I was close to cumming, I slid the Blue Studs Crystal Teaser into my awaiting pussy, and immediately clamped down on it. I wasn’t used to a cold sensation down below, and it took a bit for me to relax and loosen back up. Once I did, though, the glass dildo was a delight. There was no give with this toy – it was pure hard pounding pleasure. The bumps on the side gave me that much more of a pleasing sensation, and before I knew it I was bucking my hips up from one of the more intense orgasms I’d ever had.

I’ve since learned that if you’re not into the cold temperature that glass toys start out as, you can easily warm them in a bowl of hot water, until they reach the desired temperature. The first time for me was a bit of a shock, but I am really into it now. I love how it starts off all cold then warms up to my body temperature as I use it.