First Time Items For The Sex Toy Squeamish

 Not everyone is as open to using sex toys in the bedroom as the crew here at Adam and Eve. There are a number of reasons that someone might be ‘sex toy squeamish’ – fear of the unknown, shy sexual disposition, cultural reasons or even jealousy. If you’d like to try out a toy for the first time and not sure which way to turn, we have a few suggestions for those who are looking to take the plunge.

For the ‘I don’t want to have to compete with a sex toy’ user – From what our readers tell us, this seems to be more an issue with the guys than the ladies. Seems like some guys are of the mind that if she likes a dildo, she won’t like his penis any longer! While we think this is a silly worry, it can be easily overcome by using non-phallic dildos and vibrators. The A&E Blue Swirl Glass 4-Way ‘G’ doesn’t look anything like an actual penis, but can help a woman have g-spot stimulation when a standard penis can’t.

For the ‘I’m a virgin and want to stay that way for now’ user – There are women who enjoy sex toys and still maintain their virginity. Sex toys aren’t all about penetrating – you can still achieve orgasms and keep your hymen intact. Go for toys that stimulate the clit or nipples rather than longer toys like realistic dildos. The Mini Winachi Massager is a great toy for surface stimulation, and looks just like a standard sports massager.First Time Items For The Sex Toy SqueamishFor the ‘Sex toys seem taboo’ user – If you were brought up to think that sex toys are dirty, one of the best ways to help overcome that worry is to start off with very basic, nonrealistic looking sex toys. You can even get pleasure products that bypass the vagina completely and concentrate on other parts of the body like the breasts and nipples. This can help make the transition from ‘no sex toys allowed’ to your own small collection a bit easier. If you’re looking for basic sex toys, we suggest the O Glow Bullet Mini Vibrator or the Mini Nipple Suckers.

For the ‘These things are only for women’ user – Before discovering the glory that are male sex toys, many men push off the idea of using pleasure products on themselves as they’re for ‘women only’. This is completely incorrect! There are multiple lines of sex toys that are specifically designed for men, and not all of them involve penetration. If you’re a guy who is new to the sex toy world and wants something basic to use on himself on the bedroom, we suggest the Super Head Honcho male masturbator.

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