Five Beauty Mistakes You May Be Making

 While we always want to be sure that you’re enjoying yourself in the bedroom, we also want to be certain that you’re taking care of other parts of your body as well. We’ve found that many women still make common mistakes when it comes to their beauty routines that will have an effect on not only your health, but your self-confidence as well. Are you making these five beauty mistakes?

Using eyeliner on your inner eye lid every single day. We know the ‘dark eye’ look has been popular for quite a while now. Lining your inner eyelid with your favorite color eyeliner is not a problem when it comes to special occasions or even just on a Friday night out. If this is part of your daily makeup routine, you may want to think again. Optometrists warn that every time you use this technique on your eyes, the liner actually bleeds into your eye. Over time, this can build up and cause allergic reactions, eye infections, or stys. Want to keep that dramatic look? Stick to using the liner on your lash line. 

Keeping your skincare routine just on your face. You’ve got your cleaners, toners, moisturizers and revitalization creams that you use on your face. Don’t just stop there – include your neck and your chest along with your chin, nose and cheeks. Your neck, upper chest and hands all age at the same rate as your face, showing similar wrinkles and age spots. Neglecting them could leave you with a rather youthful looking face that’s only deceived by your neck and chest.Five Beauty Mistakes You May Be MakingUnder-brushing your hair. Most ladies know that the old adage of brushing your hair a hundred strokes before going to bed actually is quite harmful to your hair, but swinging in the other direction and not brushing your hair enough can also cause hair issues. Brushing your hair stimulates blood flow to your follicles, which controls a hair’s growth and thickness. Brushing daily – just a few strokes, though – will help make your hair look more luxurious.

Applying a waterproof mascara every day. Just like with lining your inner eyelid, using waterproof mascara on rare occasions is fine, but everyday use can cause some serious damage to your lashes. Waterproof mascara has lower levels of moisture, which is the reason it sticks to your lashes so well. The down side being it can actually suck moisture from your lashes, causing them to fall out early. It’s also very difficult to get off, so many women just rub away until it’s gone. This constant tugging on your eyes from scrubbing them could not only irritate the skin, but actually break smaller blood vessels.

Sharing your makeup with your best friend. I think in the back of our heads, we all know that sharing eyeliner, mascara and lipstick is a no-no. We all have bacteria that lives on our bodies that doesn’t cause us too much trouble, but when introduced to another person, can cause some serious problems. If you want to avoid the eye infections, cold sores, or allergic reactions – bring your own makeup and don’t rely on your best bud’s.

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