Five First Date Faux Pas For Guys

There’s plenty of advice for the ladies out there when it comes to what to say  – or not say – on a first date. We thought it was time to give some first date advice to the guys as well! Here are five things that guys should absolutely avoid saying on their first date.

“I’m really nervous!” When a woman is looking for a confident and self-aware man, hearing a statement of ‘weakness’ out of their mouths does put a damper on things. Most ladies will try and make an anxious date feel more comfortable. You don’t want the foundation of your relationship to be built on pity or sympathy. Your chances of ending up in that dreaded ‘friend zone’ are quite certain with statements like that!

“I hope you like this place.” Again, we’re talking about showing a level of confidence in your decision making. Assuming you’ve made an effort to find a place to have your date that somewhat is on par with both of your lifestyles, there’s always the chance that she may not like it. Rather than being wishy-washy and showing her you’re not totally confident with your restaurant choice, if you see signals that she’s not happy, tell her. Use statements like “This isn’t really your sort of place, is it?” or “Not up for this type of thing?” While they are both grammatically questions, phrase them like a statement. Then, tell her to make the choice next time – but in a friendly and playful manner rather than a tone that sends other signals.Five First Date Faux Pas For Guys“You look nice.” Nice is such an overused word that has almost no actual meaning at all! It’s generic, boring, and not detailed in any sort of way that shows you are paying attention. If you do want to make a broad statement about her appearance – don’t. Find specific details about her appearance that you appreciate and create a complex statement around that. “I really like your dress” can be replaced with something like “You look stunning in that dress. I can tell you really like small attention to details as it all works well together.”

“Tell me all about yourself.” While this might seem like a conversation starter, it usually just turns into a rehashed version of online dating profiles or a poorly balances one way conversation. Rather than steering the conversation into something that’s all about her, let her reveal herself in other ways through non-biographical conversations. You’ll learn more about her ‘hidden’ sides through conversations about her favorite movies, what the big project at work is at the moment, and how she ended up with her current pets.

“We should do this again sometime.”  Once again – an overused phrase that has zero meaning. It’s generic and doesn’t have any actual indication if the next date will happen or not. Do you want to see her for second date? If not – don’t leave with any statement that may give the impression that you do. If you actually do want a second date and are worried that she may not, forget that questionable interest. Use statements like “Next time we have dinner, you should get the chicken that you seemed to enjoy from my plate.”

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