Five Must Have Valentines Day Sex Toys

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and knowing our readers, that’s a time when the sex toy cabinet gets restocked. With so many Valentine’s Day sex toys available, how do you know which ones to nab up and which ones to pass? Our toy testers here at Adam and Eve had the arduous task of testing toys and we’re picking five that we think deserve your attention!

Red Heart Glass Dildo – If you’ve never had the pleasure of using glass sex toys before, this heart patterned dildo is a great starting point. Glass toys are amazingly versatile as they can come in almost any shape and size imaginable. This particular Valentine’s Day themed glass dildo is great for both anal and vaginal play, g-spot stimulation, and can be heated up or cooled down for temperature play. The raised class heart ridges on the shaft of this glass dildo give it that extra something special as well!

Liberator Heart Wedge – Need a bit of a lift in the bedroom? Plan on going at it for hours and want to prepare yourself for the marathon? Bedroom wedged like the Liberator Heart Wedge help keep your body at a given angle without you having to support your own (or your lover’s) weight. Ideal for getting the right angle to hit the g-spot, or long sessions of doggy style. The heart shaped design of this sex wedge makes it look just like a pillow, so you’ll have no issues about leaving this out in the open.

Wonderland The Heavenly Heart – Heart shaped vibrators are all over the place, so what makes this one stand out from the crowd? Besides the fact that it brings out the “Queen of Hearts” role player in us, it has ten different vibration settings to ensure that you’re getting off the best way possible. This Alice In Wonderland themed collection is designed with role playing in mind, but will still make your toes curl when you get it going.

valentines must havesEve Heart Pendant Vibrator – The ultimate combination of jewelry and sex toys! You may not be able to tell from looking at it, but this tiny little heart shaped pendant is actually a battery powered mini vibe. It’s stylish enough that you can wear it out for dinner, and naughty enough so that when you’re going at it in the back room.

Rocks Off Love Massager – One of the more unusual shaped sex toys we have seen, it’s a vibrating wand that’s more for external use rather than internal. The point of the heart is perfect for stimulating the clit, nipples, or perineum. The fatter heart-petals can deliver vibrations to the pussy lips, or be used as a traditional massager for tired necks and shoulders. If you’re someone who doesn’t like their sex toys looking like sex toys, this is a great find for you!