Five Perfectly Portable Sex Toys

Ever want to slip a sex toy into your purse for some office-break fun? Looking for the perfect toy to stow away in your carry on for a mile-high experience? Want a sex toy that will fit in your glove compartment for back seat loving? The team here at Adam and Eve has selected five toys that are perfectly portable for your on-the-go sexual experiences.

Five Perfectly Portable Sex ToysFingo Nubby Finger Vibrator – At just two inches long, this vibrating finger massager would easily slip into most handbags – even into the smaller zipped pockets inside your purse. It’s one of the more discreet vibrators on the market, but that doesn’t lessen the intensity. A powerful egg vibrator inside the Fingo will deliver sensations right where you want it, without the worry if it being obvious to someone checking through your bags. It’s a great toy for spontaneity, since it can be stored away in your pocket and retrieved out at the appropriate moment.

The Tube Stroker – While the 5.5 inch length of this male masturbator may restrict some of its portability, it is one of the more non-sexual appearing strokers available, so there’s little worry that someone will figure out exactly what it is from its looks. The simple construction doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in ability, though. Just slip the non-descript tube over your shaft, stroke, and cum. The Tube Stroker also doesn’t contain any metal, so there’s less of a chance that it will get flagged up during security checks. Since the Tube Stoker is just that – a tube – the cleanup is amazingly simple so feel free to use it in situations where a sink full of warm soapy water isn’t exactly an option, such as camping, hiking and road trips.

X-Large Ben-Wa Balls – Made popular by the best-selling Fifty Shades of Grey, Ben-Wa balls are some of the most easily portable sex toys around. This set from Adam and Eve come in their own pink pouch which wouldn’t look out of place in any purse, make-up bag or school bag. Prior to their starring role in EL James’s erotica, they were simply known as a set of stress reliving balls to the majority of the public. Now, more ladies know their sexual power, so thankfully these Ben-Wa balls can be quite discreet if you’d rather not let on that you’ve got a ‘ball in the pocket’.

Clitoral Tongue Vibrating Cock Ring – A great toy for both men and women, the Clitoral Tongue Vibrating Cock Ring is a tiny little toy that slips over a cock to not only stimulate the man wearing it, the jelly tongue ‘licks’ the clit of the lady receiving. Lesbian lovers also can use the cock ring on their dildos and dongs for dual stimulation. It’s a great addition for those adventurous lovers who are looking to have sex in unique circumstances and want the added sensation of vibration. If you’re already a card-carrying member of the mile-high club and want something new for your lavatory rendezvous, this discreet toy will check that box.

Adam & Eve Perfect P-Spot Prostate Wand – This four inch toy is one of the smaller anal play toys offered by Adam and Eve. The fact that it’s made from 100% glass will also give you the added benefit of not setting off metal detectors if you choose to carry it in your hand luggage. There’s also no moving parts or motors, so there’s no chance of it being ‘turned on’ accidentally. Men enjoy the P-Spot Prostate Wand since it can help them achieve mind-numbingly powerful orgasms through prostate massage. It’s easy to use alone , or with a partner since the O-ring base makes the toy easy to maneuver.