Five Sex Moves Most Guys Hate

We know that most guys are pretty open to what their partners are up for – at least when it comes to sex. But there are a few areas that we hear from guys time and again that are just not wanted in the bedroom. Are you guilty of any of these sexual faux pas? Here are five sex moves that should be saved for another day – if used at all!

Moaning Too Loudly – Sure, it’s great to let your guy know that you’re having a good time with a bit of vocal reassurance. There’s a different between a few well timed pleasurable moan and a full on pornstar-esque scream fest. Don’t be one of those lovers who make noise over everything. Not only will your guy get ear drum damage from repeated screeching, he’ll clue into your fake reactions really fast when you’re moaning when he’s not doing anything!

Butt Play Before Permission – There’s nothing wrong with a guy who likes some anal stimulation. For a lot of guys, hitting that p-spot is going to send them into harder and longer lasting orgasms. The problem is when a guy’s lover decides it’s time to start on the anal play without prior consultation. Anal play takes time to adjust to for the guys who are open to that experience. There are also guys who just prefer not to take part. Don’t assume your man is butt play friendly – discuss it first!

Corpse Mode – Don’t just lay there –do something! Most guys want you to be involved in the love making session. Laying back with your arms and legs spread like a starfish isn’t going to be fun for anyone. (Unless your fella has that particular fetish, that is.) If you’re unsure what kind of moves to make, keep it simple and reactive. Stroke his back with your fingertips while he’s on top of you. Bend down for a kiss if you’re on top. Talk to him. You don’t need to be a gymnast in the sack to keep your man happy.

Unwanted Kink – Just like butt play, BDSM is another area that a lot of men are into, but only after discussion. Everything from a quick swat on the ass to tying up your lover is very enjoyable for some. The main hiccup happens is when you try out these activities before talking about limits, likes and dislikes, and even safewords. If you’re going to engage in any sort of pain play or bondage, always communicate with your lover beforehand. Five Sex Moves Most Guys HateThe Leaner – A man’s erect penis is designed to curve into his body. Any pressure in the other direction – like if you’re on top and lean backwards – can actually harm the penis. You may think that breaking a penis is just a urban legend, but it’s not! (Just ask Prince Yeshua!) This is also something to keep in mind when you’re sitting reverse cowgirl as well. Leaning backwards for a quick kiss of your lover may actually cause him more pleasure than pain!

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