Five Things He Wants You To Say In Bed

 Have a guy that wants you entertaining his ear as much as his other body parts? Many men love it when you get creative and talk dirty – especially in the heat of the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes ladies have a bit of trouble coming up with things to say! If you find yourselves scrambling for sexy conversation topics while making love, here are some tips that will help spark your aural sex!

Talk about what’s going on. Is your man asking you “How’s that feel?” He may be encouraging you to start talking about what’s going on. While he won’t need a play by play, describing the scene as a whole, or letting him know how good you feel would be a great way to get the chatter going.

Talk about him. Let him know that it’s him that you are imagining when you close your eyes while making love. Let him know which of his body parts turn you on the most. Let him know what the sound of his voice does to you.Five Things He Wants You To Say In BedTell him your fantasies. When we’re in the bedroom and those hormones are flowing, your inhibitions start to lower. You may find that you have a bit more confidence when it comes to describing your fantasies that you’ve otherwise kept to yourself. Whether it’s a new position or something slightly kinkier, don’t be afraid to let out what you’ve been thinking about during your solo play sessions.

Stick to the basics. There are stock phrases that pretty much go well no matter who you are with or the situation at hand. Versions of “Oh, yeah, right there!”, “That feels amazing” and “Don’t stop, harder!” usually don’t go unwelcome. “I want you so bad”, “Give it to me!” and “You animal!” are quite useful as well. Don’t stick to a script, though. Be creative with your naughty basics!

Role play. Don’t be afraid to slip into a different character when you’re in the bedroom. This is best done during foreplay, that way he understands that there is a bit of a game at hand. Encourage him with your words to take on his own role.

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