Five Tips For Starting The Spanks

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom through spanking? A lot of lovers are turned on by the idea of mild S&M in the bedroom, but aren’t sure how to introduce their desires to their lover. Others aren’t sure of spanking basics. Here at Adam & Eve we always love a little kinky play in the bedroom and can give you some tips for breaking the ice – as well as spanking the bottom!

1. Bring It Up In The Middle Of A Hot Session – Sure, you can bring up the fact that you’d like to be spanked in the post-coital cuddle bliss, but a lot of lovers feel that dropping those desires on your lover right in the middle of a steamy sex session is a better opportunity. Hormones are racing, the blood is pumping, and your lover may be more open to the idea. Get verbal – tell him how he’s been a naughty boy and needs a spanking.

2. Start With A Love Tap – Don’t break out the leather paddle and go full force on his back side the first time you start spanking. Start off with gentle rubs and a few pats rather than pulling your arm back and landing one on his bare back side. A cupped hand makes a great sound with only minimal impact. Keep to the bottom part of the butt rather than the tail bone, as there’s more “meat” to take the impact.

starting the spanks

3. Play With Texture – Try putting on a satin or leather glove when spanking. Not only will this add a new layer of sensation when you’re smacking his bottom, but the in-between caresses will also feel different on his skin with the various fabrics.

4. Use Impact Toys In Other Ways – If you have graduated onto using a flogger or paddle for your spanking scenarios, don’t forget there are other ways they can be used other than impact play. Dragging the “fall” (the word for strands of fabric that hang from a flogger) over his backside – especially over his crack – can raise the senses and even tickle a little!

5. Move Away From The Ass – Venture to other parts of the body, but be sure to take it slowly as other areas will react to spankings differently than others. Fleshy areas like thighs area good place to start before moving onto other areas that can’t take as much impact, such as the back, shoulders, legs and arms.