Five Tips To Keep Your Skin Happy In The Winter

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to start your skin down the right path. While most of us have out summer lotion routines down pat by this late in the year, some wait too long to swap over to their winter time skincare. Now’s the perfect time to restock your moisturizers for the colder months and start with your cold weather routines!

Crank up the moisturizer. One of the easiest ways to take care of your skin this winter is to get into an all-over moisturizing routine with a skin care product that works best for you. For some, this means a separate facial moisturizer and body lotion. Others can handle a single lotion for their entire body. Oil based moisturizers are far better in the winter months as they stay on the skin longer, creating a protective barrier against the elements. Don’t forget to take care of those nether reigns as well. Products like Coochy Shave Crème are ideal to use when your typical shaving gel just strips away the moisture of even your most sensitive parts.Five Tips To Keep Your Skin Happy In The WinterPop on the gloves. Did you know that some of the thinnest skin on your body is in your hands? Your hands also has fewer oil glands, making it very susceptible to the trouble winter can bring. Always wear gloves when you go outside – even if it’s not windy. Wool is best for protection against the elements, but can be irritating for some. We suggest slipping on a thinner pair of cotton gloves before putting on your thick wool mittens.

Get out of wet clothing quickly. Just come in from playing out in the snow with your kids? Or maybe you’ve gone for a little romp in the forest and are a bit sweaty from your excursion? Try and get out of those wet clothes as soon as possible! Not only will you be colder from the moisture itself, it’ll also cause skin irritations like itching, cracking and possibly flare up your eczema. Plus – who really wants to sit in post-sex sweaty clothes all day?

Pamper those toes. Ladies know that summertime pedicures are a must, but don’t give up on your foot care now that the strappy sandals are being swapped for furry boots. Put away those minty foot lotions for the season and bring out the products that have a petroleum jelly or glycerin base. Keep up the exfoliating as well – it’ll help the lotion soak into the skin more.

Avoid too much hot tub fun. Does the idea of soaking in a hot tub for hours after a day on the slopes seem like heaven for you? Don’t make it too much of a habit. While the super hot water may feel great on those muscles, it can damage the skin’s vital lipid barriers. This will result in your skin losing more moisture at a faster rate. If you must partake in this relaxing pastime, don’t hang out for hours. If you really want a bath to warm you up – stick with one on the “warm” side.