Five Unexpected Uses For Sex Lube

Sex lubricant – one of the most purchased items you’ll find at sex toy retailers all over the globe. We all know what it’s primary use is, but did you know that there are a few not-so-sexy ways you can put your sexual lubricant to use? If you’re hitting the expiration date on your lube and want to get the most out of it, here are five unexpected uses for your sex lube!

Anti-chafing Lotion – If you’re a long distance runner, you know that chafing can be an issue. Use some silicone lubricant anywhere that needs is – inner thighs, inner arms, nipples – to help prevent friction from causing any troubles. This is a great use of those thicker lubes, but not so much for the thinner water based varieties.

Shoe Care – Silicone lubricant also makes a great shoe polish! Dab a little on your leather shoes to brighten them up. It’s also great when it comes to breaking in a new pair of shoes. Apply some lube to those sensitive areas like behind your heel or Achilles’s tendon to help prevent blisters from forming.

Dry Skin Moisturizer – You know how soft and supple your private parts feel after using a good dose of sex lube? Imagine that on your hands or those rough elbow patches. You can use water, oil or silicone based lubes to help moisturize your skin. Cream based lubes make great body lotion.Five Unexpected Uses For Sex Lube

Jammed Doorknobs – Having trouble getting you key to work correctly in a doorknob? Or maybe the hinges on your door are making opening difficult? Squirt a bit of silicone lube in the tight spots and you can loosen it right up! We’ve heard the story of a patient getting stuck in a doctor’s office due to a stuck door. Of course a bit of KY Jelly solved the problem!

Snow Globes – Traditionally, snow globes are filled with glycerin to give you that magical slow falling snow appearance. Next Christmas when you’re making some of your own at home, you can use sex lube instead! This is a great use for thinner water based lube, as it will still slow down the fake snowfall, but not as much as the thicker silicone lubes will. Just be sure to get ‘snow’ that’s heavy enough. Your basic craft glitter may be too light.