Five Ways To Have A Sexy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, you might think that the family gatherings will put a damper on your sex life. That doesn’t have to be the case, though! Our team at Adam and Eve has come up with a few ways that you can get yours while your family and friends are stuffing themselves silly around the dinner table!

sexy thanksgiving

1. There are a number of Thanksgiving foods that are known aphrodisiacs, so make sure that your dinner table is piled high with cranberries (vitamin C for the sex glands and Vitamin A to help with circulation), turkey (amino acids help hormone production), pumpkin (the smell is actually an attraction for some men) and nutmeg (increase that body temperature)! Just make sure that no one else gets the same idea as you and tries to find a quiet corner in your place for their own Thanksgiving feast!

2. Give yourself some thanks in the bedroom. Have you been waiting to get yourself a new sex toy? Most sex toy retailers, including Adam and Eve have great sales around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It’s also a great pick-me-up when you’re stressed about the family, or a bit down from the darker days in the fall.

3. Don’t leave the costumes just for Halloween. Just as you stored away all your naughty costumes, there’s an opportunity for you to wear frilly little Native American costumes, or a simple black and white pure Pilgrim outfit to try out some brand new role play scenarios with your partner!

4. Use sex as a way to burn off all those extra calories. Sure, you may feel a bit guilty about having that third slice of chocolate cream pie, or are too stuffed to move yourself from the couch, but sex is a great way to work away all those extra calories that you’re consuming during the holiday season. You burn off an average of 300 calories per hour having sex – even more depending on how active you really are!

5. Time to pop in a new kind of movie! After the family goes back to their place, and it’s just you and your partner, instead of sticking your usual holiday themed movie into the player, why not take this time to explore some new kind of movies – like the adult variety! It may be hard to tear him away from the football games, but we bet new porn would do the trick!