Four Great Electro Play Toys For Beginners

Let’s talk about electroplay toys! This selection of pleasure products is quite popular with the BDSM crowd, bringing a new way to deliver sensations – both painful and pleasant – to their partners. Because electro play toys are quite specialized, there aren’t a whole lot of manufacturers creating them. The two most popular are names you may recognize, though. Fetish Fantasy is famous for their line of beginner’s BDSM tools and toys, and they have a number of electroplay tools in their collection. ElectroErotic is another popular name in the electricity play world, with their classic ‘neon wand’ that’s used by so many.

Deluxe Shock Therapy Kit – If you’re looking to get ‘kitted out’ with everything you need for electroplay right from the start, the Delux Shock Therapy Kit has you covered. They’ve got just about EVERYTHING you would want in a pad-based electroplay kit. In addition to the easy to use power unit, you’ll get a wide variety of attachments like nipple clamps, penis rings, probes and pads. You’ll also get a few supplies to help your toys last longer, such as the elecro-sex gel. Like with most Fetish Fantasy toys, you’ll also get a free eye mask along with your set! All of this comes in a rather discreet looking travel case so you can take your toys on the go with you.Four Great Electro Play Toys For BeginnersElectroErotic Neon Wand – The one thing that the kit above doesn’t have is the classic Neon Wand. Rather than medical style pads attached to the body, the ElectroErotic Neon Wand has a hand held unit with special glass attachments that you touch directly onto the skin. It lives up to its name and is used very much like a ‘wand’. The wand’s glass tip attachments come in various shapes and styles that can change up the sensation that the wand delivers.

ElectroErotic Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment – If you’ve picked up that Neon Wand set mentioned above, there is an additional accessory that we think is so cool, it’s worth mentioning on its own. This attachment allows YOU to be the one dishing out the shocks. A special plate attaches to the wand, then while holding both the rubber handled wand and the Power Tripper plate, the electricity is conducted through your body. When you touch your partner, that’s when the shock happens! No matter what part of your body touches theirs – finger, tongue, anything – that spark will fly!

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Gloves – One of the more unusual accessories that we’ve seen to go along with a electroplay kit are the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Luv Gloves. Rather than a large and complex kit like you have with some electro play toys, these are a stand-alone pair of gloves that connect to a battery powered controller that sends mild electrical pulses down into the gloves. The one wearing the gloves doesn’t feel the sensation – but the one they touch certainly do!