Four Kama Sutra Positons We Dare You To Try

The Kama Sutra has been used for years as inspiration for those looking for interesting sexual positions. While the majority can be tried by anyone with a basic level of fitness, there are some positions that we can’t quite believe can be done! Here are four Kama Sutra positions that we dare you to try on your next sexual adventure!

Wheelbarrow – This position is best done on a firm surface, as the man spends the session standing up. You’ll also need a pillow for this one. The woman, on the other hand, has a bit of work ahead of her! It’s best to start with the woman on all fours. Resting her head on the pillow, she needs to be sure her forearms are on the ground alongside her head. The man then leans down and picks her up by her ankles, lifting her hips up so they align with his penis for penetration. In this somewhat handstand position, the woman is supported entirely by her own forearms and her lover holding her legs.

kama sutra

Divebomb – Another position where the man is doing all the action! First, the woman lays on the bed – but only half of her. Her hips, legs and feet remain on the bed while her stomach, chest and arms hang off the side. She will support her weight with her arms against the floor. The man is almost her mirror image – his feet, legs and hips rest against hers. Using his arms in a push-up position on his lover’s back, he uses that leverage to rock back and forth for penetration. Not a position for a very heavy man!

Standing Splits – Unless you can do a full split, ladies – don’t bother reading any further! This time, the man is back to his standing position. The woman also stands, facing him, but lifts her leg into the air, resting it on his shoulder. Yes – a standing full split! This will give the man easy access for penetration, but he will need to help her keep balance during the more energetic movements.

Hold On For Dear Life – Finally, a position where the man needs to do a bit more! As the man is standing, the woman wraps her arms around his neck, and her legs around his hips. He supports her whole body weight as she pulls up and down on his shoulders to get the movement going. As an additional support, she can rest her feet on a nearby piece of furniture, using her legs to help lift her up and down. You’ve got to have some serious body strength to get this position going well enough to reach orgasm!