Fourth of July Erotic Essentials

So, America’s birthday is coming up and that only means one thing: party, party, party – and maybe a little sex on the beach too (no, not the drink, but actual sex on the beach). If you plan on getting a little frisky or naughty this Fourth of July there are a few erotic essentials you will need to make sure you are completely covered. Right now, you are in luck, because Adam & Eve is having an amazing July 4th super sale where you can get some amazing toys for up to 80% off. If you want to make fireworks in the sky and in the bedroom here are some of your Fourth of July erotic must haves.

First is the A&E Blue Swirl Glass 4-Way ‘G.’ While you are waiting for the grand finale in the sky, this will give her the grand finale in bed. This amazing pleasure tool is perfect to celebrate America’s birthday – both because it is sort of blue, but also because it will stimulate her in a whopping four different ways. You’ve got the blue hot spot for the ultimate g-spot stimulation, the pleasure swirl teases her inside, and the reverse tip will stimulate her clitoris and g-spot or his prostate. Also, stick this toy in your ice cooler on the way to the beach and you’ve got one of the most amazing pleasure sensations.Fourth of July Erotic Essentials

Next, if you are heading to the beach, any self respecting woman looking to increase her beach body should definitely try out the Coochy Shave Creme.  This cream is perfect for your coochy and will make sure that your guy’s man parts come in for a very smooth landing – no red, rashey, or bumpy landing.  This shave cream is full of lanolin, jojoba seed oil and other essential minerals and oils to give you one of the cleanest shaves. Not only will your cooch look great in a bikini bottom, but also so will your armpits and legs. Plus, you’ll get that beautiful post shave shine that you can only get in a salon.

And for the men out there – and the ladies too – there is Adam’s Extension. Not enough can be said about this amazing tool that will give him a little extra something and her a little extra pleasure. You’ve got to go all out on America’s birthday – no one wants to walk all the way down to the beach just to have a few puny explosions – they want the sound of thunder and some loud booms. So, if you want to give her earth shattering orgasms, this pleasure extender will definitely be your best friend this Fourth of July.

So, there you have it – all the erotic essentials you will need for a smoking hot Fourth of July. Some other essentials you might need: a sense of adventure, condoms, firecrackers, earplugs and a big appetite. And remember: be sure to scream “Happy birthday America!” right when you let out that loud orgasm.