Getting Clean With The Carefree Anal Douche

 Sure, you absolutely don’t need an anal douche to get ready for anal sex, but some folks – like me – enjoy that process. When I wanted to pick up a new enema set after my old one had worn out, I grabbed the Carefree Anal Douche set found at Adam and Eve online. While this isn’t the easiest anal douche sets for newbies to use, it does get the job done well!

The Carefree Anal Douche set comes in four parts – the bladder that holds the water, a 3 inch probe attachment, a 4 inch probe attachment and a ‘flow head’ that snaps onto the 4 inch attachment. For beginners, you fill the bladder with your cleansing liquid (usually warm water) and attach the 3 inch probe. For those who are a bit more experienced, you attach the 4 inch probe and flow head over the 3 inch probe. Then you start your enema process.

Because I already knew how enemas are supposed to be done, getting the Carefree Anal Douche set to work wasn’t too much of a problem. It doesn’t come with any kind of instructions, so if you’re unsure about how enemas work, I do suggest doing some research ahead of time. I’d also recommend using a small amount of anal lubricant with this tool. The tip is a slight bit on the rough side, but aptly covered in lube you won’t have any problems at all getting it in.Carefree Anal DoucheSo what makes the Carefree Anal Douche set a decent system for enema newbies? Well, once you understand the basic concepts of an enema (from that previously mentioned researching) it is relatively easy to control. Unlike systems that hook into your actual water system – by attaching to your faucet – the bulb setups like this allow you to control the flow of water much easier. It’s also in the middle-range as far as price goes. It’s not super cheap and lacking in quality, but it’s not overpriced either. The down side? It might take a bit of coordination to get it right, though. You’ll want to fill the bulb, insert the probe into the rectum, press the water out, remove the probe, then release the squeeze on the bulb. Do not release it while the probe is still inside the body or you’ll risk sucking back in the water that you expelled into the body. (And that’s just ewww.)

All in all, if you’re looking for a basic bulb based enema system that’s going to last you a while, and not cost you an arm and a leg, the Carefree Anal Douche system could work for you. Just be sure to do your research on the actual process and don’t rely on missing instructions for those small details!