Getting Him To Up His Game In The Bedroom

 Are you somewhat satisfied in the bedroom, but there are a few small things you wish your guy would work on? Does he stick to the same old routine all the time? Are you struggling to orgasm as much as he is? Here are some quick tips to help improve your communication and get what you want in the bedroom.

He’s not giving you enough foreplay. This may be caused by the simple fact that your man doesn’t know a whole lot about the female body. Explain to your lover that more foreplay will result in better sex for the both of you – you’ll be wetter, your g-spot will be ready for stimulation, and he’ll have a harder erection.

He’s sticking with the same sex routines. This is the time to talk about your fantasies. When you’re in the mood and talking dirty, tell him what your favorite sex activities that you’ve done with him before are. Once you’ve laid that foundation, move onto what you would love to try. Hopefully he’ll open up as well as share some of his fantasies with you as well.

He’s going too fast or too rough during foreplay. Some guys really take hard when you critique them on their sex skills.  Start off by telling him what he’s doing well, and what you enjoy. Then let him know that you want to slow down the action and take your time so that you can fully enjoy it.Getting Him To Up His Game In The BedroomYou don’t orgasm as often as he does. Does it always seem that he orgasms, and you’re left with a “I’ll take care of you next time, babe.”? Let him know that you’re not happy playing second fiddle to his own orgasms. If he’s not moving the way you want him to – get the action going yourself. Slip a hand down there or move your hips in a way that makes sure you get off as much as he does.

If there’s one common thread with all these tips, it’s that communication is key to a satisfying sex life. The more you talk about sex with your lover, the easier it will get. Sure, those first few conversations may be embarrassing for both of you, but use that as a stepping stone to make small improvements in the bedroom!

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