Getting That Dating Site Profile Just Right

 Are you trying out online dating for the first time? Maybe you’ve had a profile on a site for a while, but you don’t seem to be attracting the type of people you’re looking for? There are a few simple steps you can make to your dating site profile to increase your chances of getting the attention from the style of singles you are looking for.

Be sure that the dating site you are on fits with your lifestyle. While there are hundreds of ‘generalist’ dating sites out there, more and more are being created for those with specific interests in mind. Older woman looking for a younger man? Looking for a lesbian partner? A third person for your polyamorous relationship? There are niche dating sites for all of those, as well as sites dedicated to specific races, religions, parts of the country, hobbies and lifestyles.

If you are comfortable showing your face in your profile picture, smile! Studies have shown that those users who have a smile on their face get contacted much more often than those who have a frown, or those that show other body parts. Avoid ‘moody’ looking profile pics and be sure to stay away from the dreaded ‘duck-face’ pose! If you’re not using a face image for your profile picture, the other inviting way to go is to use an action shot of you doing something you enjoy – skiing, cooking, playing piano, etc. This not only shows that you’re focused on your likes, it’s better than the half-face shot that seems to be popular on dating sites.Getting That Dating Site Profile Just Right

Be specific about the type of relationship you are looking for. Someone searching around for a casual encounter with a no strings attached relationship probably doesn’t want contact from someone looking for a life partner. Be honest about your desires and don’t be ashamed to say you’re looking for one extreme or the other. You’ll save time weeding through the contacts who are looking for partnership styles that aren’t in line with yours.

Stay positive with your words. Even if you’re tempted to list a long line of “Don’t contact me if”s after a frustrating time online, you’re going to push away those who don’t fall into those categories as much as those who do. You also want to double check your grammar and spelling. Avoid using text speak or other non-standard language. Think of your online dating site profile as your relationship resume – sell yourself positively!

Keep it short and sweet. Waffling on for paragraphs gives the impression that you’re more of a talker than a listener. If you’re unsure of what to include and what to leave out, ask a friend (or two or three) to check over your profile and suggest what should be edited out.