Growing Out Your Pubic Hair

Wintertime is here, and a lot of us who were shaving and waxing their pubic hair for those summertime bikinis are now starting to develop their “winter coat”. The problem is, after months of shaving, waxing and trimming, there is a certain level of irritation when growing out your pubic hair. How can you get over this initial growing-in phase without wanting to rip your underwear off?The team here at Adam and Eve have the answers for you!

sasha grey

1. Keep moisturizing! While keeping your skin hydrated while you are shaving and waxing is key, don’t stop when you are first starting to grow your hair out. The first couple of weeks are the most important, as you don’t want the hair to become ingrown in your skin.

2. If the hair does become ingrown, wear loose fitting clothes in that are to prevent the growth from becoming irritated, even if this means going commando! Lay a hot damp wash cloth on the area to help soften the skin and encourage the hair to grow out of the skin. We would never recommend self-surgery or using tweezers to break the skin and remove the hair.

3. Keep in mind that all hair grows and sheds in phases, so don’t be alarmed if you start losing hair or if there’s a pause in hair growth. The three phases of hair growth are sped up in the pubic region. Going from completely shaved to a fully filled in bush takes around 3 to 4 weeks of hair growth.

4. Your old panties just might not cut it! You may find that panties and underwear that you used to wear with no issue now cause irritation. This is especially the case with lace underwear where the hairs feed through the openings in the material, and pull with movement. We recommend wearing underwear with a solid weave fabric to avoid this issue.

5. Enjoy your new bush! Your partner may not be as turned off by pubic hair as you may imagine. In fact, pubic hair is making a comeback thanks to numerous adult starts who are sporting a bush, including the now mainstream successful Sasha Grey.