Heat Up With Cinnamon Pleasure Products

Ready to spice up your next night in? Cinnamon has been used in pleasure products for many years now not only as a way to add a bit of flavor, but as a way to make the body feel like it’s heating up. Especially popular in sexual lubricants, cinnamon can not only change on a standard oral sex experience, it can also be used in foreplay as well as vaginal penetrative sex. Are you ready to explore this sexual spice?

Cinnamon Warming Lube – This water based lubricant is great for a spiced up oral sex session, but can also be used in penetrative sex. The cinnamon adds a layer of heat that isn’t too overwhelming – but certainly lets you know it’s there. Because this lubricant is water based, it’s also safe to use with condoms as well a sex toys. A little goes a long way with the Cinnamon Warming Lube, so the 4oz bottle should last you a long while!

Reverse Tightening Gel – Cinnamon is a common additive to vaginal tightening gels, as it can help swell the membranes inside the vagina to give a tighter feel. Used alongside traditional kegel exercises, it’ll help a woman regain the tight feeling in her vagina that can be lost with childbirth as well as the general aging process. Since the Reverse Tightening Gel is also water based, sex toys and condoms are safe to use!Heat Up With Cinnamon Pleasure ProductsKama Sutra Love Oil – Not all pleasure products containing cinnamon are meant to be used just for the insides. Massage oils containing cinnamon, like in the Original Kama Sutra Love Oil can warm the surface of your skin as well. The cinnamon scent will also act as an aphrodisiac to ensure the love making mood is in full force.

ON Natural Arousal Oil for Her – Ready to make cinnamon work for you? Arousal gels like the On Natural Arousal Oil for Her act on the female anatomy to make clitoral orgasms faster to arrive, stronger in sensation and last longer. A few drops of this cinnamon containing oil on the clit and after around 30 seconds, you’ll start to feel its effects. Unlike other arousal products, this does not contain cooling ingredients like menthol or peppermint. This is for warming up only! Lasting around 45 minutes, the oil can be reapplied for especially longer sessions. As this oil is not water based, it is not compatible with latex condoms.