Heating Things Up With Candle Wax Play

Candle wax play is one of those activities that peeks the interest of a lot of couples. Some shy away because of the learning curve involved, while others keep away completely for fear of the possible pain involved. Here at Adam and Eve we hope to bridge the gap between knowledge and desire and give you some safe wax play tips to help you explore this super sexy sexual area.

Use candles specifically for wax play beginners. You may think that you can save a few dollars by using the dinner candles and birthday candles in your kitchen drawers, but this is one of the worst places to start! These candles burn at a very high temperature, are difficult to control, and can lead to painful burns rather than a soothing warmth. Massage oil candles don’t leave a pool of wax. Instead, they melt down into a warm oil that can be spooned onto the skin. These are ideal for beginners as the risk of burning is minimal.

The further away from the skin, the cooler the wax. When you do move on to traditional wax play candles, keep in mind that the further away the candle is from the skin, the more time that the wax has to cool down as it falls. Finding the sweet spot between “too hot” and “not even warm” can be as little as a few inches.  Some lovers like the sting of the initial drop, then the pooling warmth as the drops  collect, while others just prefer the hot feeling of the wax on the skin. This can all be controlled by adjusting the height of the candle.

Test on a non-sensitive part of the body. When you are gauging the temperature, drip the wax on a part of your body that isn’t quite as sensitive at first, such as the back of the arm. That way, if it is too hot, there’s less damage to the skin. Once you have established an appropriate temperature, move on – but slowly – and always keep in communication with your partner. Gauge their reaction one drip at a time and use safewords if it gets to be too much.

candle wax play

Be prepared for a mess. Candle wax play can be quite messy! If you are playing in the bedroom, keep away from using your favorite sheets or the rug. Spread out an old towel to catch the wax that misses the body or drips down. While picking the hardened wax off your body is really a delight for some, picking it off the bedroom carpet is another!