He’s Unwrapping Me For Christmas

I’m always looking for little sexy gifts to get my husband for the holidays. By that, I mean get me some slinky lingerie that I know he’ll enjoy getting me out of! I try to stick with a Christmas theme for my lingerie in the winter, and this year I’ve picked up the Unwrap Me Teddy over at AdamEve.com.

unwrap me teddy

It looked like the perfect combination of minimum coverage, decent price, and Christmas lingerie for me!

placed my order, and within a couple of days I got the familiar box at my door. Since I’m not “officially” wearing the teddy until a few weeks from now, I decided to give it a test run while hubby was at work. I’ve got to admit, it did take a bit of work to get it to fit on me correctly. I’m not used to so many straps as I generally get one-piece lingerie sets. (So I’m very glad I did this trial run as to not take forever getting it on for its first night in action!) When I did manage to get it on, it fit quite well! The front ribbon and thong were the right size, so I wasn’t too uncomfortable. The cups held my boobs right where I wanted them and the bow in the front stood up just like in the pictures.

I took it off soon, as I didn’t want to have to wash it before its premier in my bedroom. I know that sometimes, themed lingerie like this doesn’t look quite as well once it’s been washed, and I didn’t want either of us to be disappointed with floppy bows! Although the instructions do say that I can hand wash it in cold water and line dry it, so maybe it’ll get a second round of use for his birthday in January!

I’m almost tempted to get him the X-Mas Tuggie that I also saw at Adam and Eve so we could do a whole Christmas role play thing! Would that be going too far?