Hitting A Triple Homerun With These Anal Vibrators

These days it can be tough finding the perfect partner for some anal play. Luckily, there are a whole host of electronic ones to choose from. Nothing stimulates more or adds to the sexiness of some fun foreplay than with some toys made especially for your back door. Here is a list of my favorite anal vibrators you just can’t live without…

1. The Illusion Ribbed Vibrating Anal Probe is perfect for him and her. With a perfectly ergonomic handle, this toy is perfect for some hand on prostate or anal action. The handle is also perfect for retrieval and thrusting. My favorite part about this toy is that it has 3 vibration speeds: low, medium, high – so you can start slow or take it to the max when ever you want.

2. The Evolved Provoke Prostate Massager is perfect because it looks so unassuming – it could be a dust buster for all anyone cares. This one is waterproof so you can have some fun in the tub and has 7 different vibration settings. My favorite part about this toy is that it has TWO stimulating ends. One is thin for those just playing the anal field and thick for those seasoned ticket holders.

3. The Evolved Booty Bomb Anal Vibrator is perfect because it comes with a remote that you and your partner can use for some maximum anal stimulation. Also the remote can fit on the finger like a ring making you feel like a ruler of her dirty underworld. The best part is that it looks like a torpedo ready for some orgasmic destruction.

anal vibrator

When looking for the perfect anal toy, find one that suits your experience level. You might want it to look a little unassuming because you don’t want to intimidate your partner. Try out the above three and forget second or third base – see what hitting a triple homerun is all about.